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fear and pain
circulate threw my vains
the sleepless night
will never end
razor sharp words
that cut threw my skin
the world still spins
and my heart still beats
one more night
without any sleep
brings my untamed mind
no relief
stress and anger
revolve threw my brain
one night of sleep
full of venoumous dreams
the mask falters away
but angers left inside
i stare at the mirror
and back at my eyes
my worked out mind
paralyzed by fear
my eyes dark and hollow
and my heart still bleeds
i feel the shadow
that constantly follows
but the nawing fear is replaced by exhaustion
my mind won't sleep
for eternal darkness is what i seek
i grab the razor sharp edge
relief my self from all the pain and the stress
the shadow slowly fades out
my heart stops beating
and my exhausted mind
slowly to my relief
sleeps on the last night
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 1 0
Dangerous mind
His eyes are big
His eyes are blue
And when he spoke it blew right threw
His words were soft
But burned with pain
Hidden lies
Behind those blue eyes
His past is witness
To his dangerous mind
A touch so cold
That froze her heart left her feelings behind
A look that screamed
With every daring pain
Her feelings so strong she cannot contain
With every heart beat she'd bled in vain
A heart so broken, he's not to blame
For things will always stay the same
A wild mind not meant to tame
she'll go insane for things will always stay the same.
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 1 2
sunset by Runaway101 sunset :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 6 3 innocence by Runaway101 innocence :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 5 0
Mature content
begins where last one ends :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 2 0
Holds you tight in its arms
as it seeps into your blood
makes you cold
makes you empty
turns your world up side down
turns you silent
turns you frightened
poisons your body
turning you angry
makes u wanna scream
to shatter the constant silence
turns u numb
driving you insane
family's blinded not wanting to see the truth spat at there face
you can see it on my face
in my eyes
the constant scream
just silent
the venom doesn't go away
doesn't leave you alone
it feasts upon your anger
your sadness
turns you a shade of gray
draining you of any energy
scream , yell
but the venom holds your body still
poisoning your blood slowly and quietly
until you blend back into the gray.
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 2 4
A dream
a dream upon a dream
a morning without the sun
rest your head
close your eyes
escape this fate
escape this hell
a dream upon a dream
walk alone down a dark empty road
hope for more when you get less and less
a dream upon a dream
storys left untold
words unspoken
rest your head
close your eyes
escape away into a cold dark dream
a dream upon a dream
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 4 0
Your look cuts deeper then the knife
your words shatter my life.
And when you don't say a word
darkness washers over me
you accuse me and hate me
and tell me I'm not good enough for anything
I try to be better try to do everything for you
to keep you smiling keep you lovin
but i have no energy anymore
i have no reason
And for once i stop fighting and let
the darkness wash over me
darkness holds me
makes me feel so empty and cold all over
feeling so alone.
And when i tell you goodbye, words i dreaded to say.
Happiness from there is no longer poisoned with despair
but i miss you
miss you so much
so please read my ink written words
your anger doesn't help me
it only hurts me more and more
but when you say you love me
I hurt a little more
And lately my world turned black
when happiness and comfort no longer a choice
so honey i said i love you meant it
with my heart but love isn't for me
i'd rather be alone rather be silent
then to see your looks
hear your words
And fall back deeper into da
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 0 2
Morning Glow by Runaway101 Morning Glow :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 15 2
tears roll
bodies sway
pain never fades
hope never gained
lost years
live day to day
whats there left
working nights
sleeping days
achieving more
feeling less
walking on
sinking deeper
listen to the music and just sway
times a blur
families are gone
ties undone
is this the end
going on
when theres nothing more
tip the bottle to your lips and drink away the years
think less
no more
and this, this is the end
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 6 15
Strange world
Strange world
and all the time passes
Strange world
i spend all the time trying
and then i stop feeling
strange how
i grow tired
strange how
and years feels like days
and finally you stop and look at your self
reflection in the water
it tells no lies only what it sees
you see a lady with pain from years
and exhaustion in every crease
you stop trying and just take a breath
you stop thinking and want to go to sleep
you stop caring and you fall down hard
and it hurts when you stop
and see the world around you still goes on and nobody cares to look at you
it hurts when you sleep and all the pain becomes real
the scares build up from over the years
it hurts when you try to help everyone
but not yourself
it hurts to be happy when really your dead
it hurts to much when your numb and cold
and you look around for help but everyones caught up
in there on life trying to achieve to much
no body ever stops to think about whats right
and everyone stops feeling
see what life does
just another reflect
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 1 17
Faded away by time
life won't wait
time won't stop
not only for a second
life moves on
time flies by
and i feel like an empty shell in the ocean
hallow and cold is what time does
to make life stop for just one second
to just stop and think about whats happening
but time won't stop
and i can't think
i am tired
i am scared
i am a lost shell in the sea
day by day i drift further and further away
i lose one thing i lose to many
day by day time seems to slip even more
day by day i drift and drift until one day i sink
i sink deeper and deeper my hallow shell fading away in dark deep blue
and time, time won't stop.
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 0 24
just another backyard by Runaway101 just another backyard :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 4 0 Silent by Runaway101 Silent :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 6 0
This letter to you I write
I loved thee with love that is not real
Words would not describe it
Your wonderful soft blue eyes that blink against the suns gentle summer light
Your laugh that rings in my ear likes soft bells of joy
You that I loved
Under the moonlight we lay
Covered by the sky’s gently gray
Life curves out our hearts into grains
You that I love
You that I need
For I loved you more then I loved me
So close your eyes
Relax your head
Listen to me
Listen to what I said
I am tired
I am scared
I want to fly
I want to escape
and i whisper to you all ways and forever
you that i love
:iconrunaway101:Runaway101 6 19
Morning by Runaway101 Morning :iconrunaway101:Runaway101 7 0

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United States
hey guyz check out some of my stuff if u got the time peace and gd luck

Current Residence: New York
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Favourite genre of music: rap a little rock any thing gd
Favourite style of art: photography
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Personal Quote: take life easy
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As the days are passing on better days are yet to come. What I have learned this year was that when you lose everything you love and care for and watch your hard work fall apart,  theres nothing you can really do besides waiting it out like a gray cloud, hard times will pass and turn into memory's and loved ones remain in our hearts forever. With days passing and times collapsing we grow older and learn from the mistakes we constantly make but even with all the regret I would never change a thing in my life because these are the things that made me. Although it has been a long and hard year, I have both grown physically and mentally prepared for anything that will come my way. With only a couple of days left for this year I leave the past with a new chapter and lessons to be learned.


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